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Waitlist invites

Using the waitlist invite type allows the event organiser to stay in total control of the who can attend an event.

When a guest uses an invite with the waitlist on, instead of confirming the booking the guest is added to the waitlist.

The booking can then either be rejected or accepted by the event organiser.

Where can I see the waitlist?

You can view the waitlist on the normal bookings guest-list. They are marked as waitlist by the "Pause symbol" in-place of the normal check in box.

How can I accept or reject the booking?

To accept or reject a waitlist booking simply click the "Pause symbol". You can then either accept or reject the booking.

What happens when I accept a waitlist booking?

When you accept the waitlist booking it converts to a confirmed booking. The booking confirmation is then sent and the reminder email is scheduled. You can also now check in the booking when the guest arrives.

What happens when I reject a waitlist booking?

When you reject a waitlist booking you have the option to write a short email that will be sent to the guest. If you decide not to write an email to the rejected guest then no email will be sent.

The booking will be marked as rejected and no emails will be automatically scheduled.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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