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Multi use invites

Why do I need multi use invites?

Multi use invites are used for allowing a single guest to book multiple events from a single link.

This is helpful when you have a VIP program. If you create a collection and add all the events that make up the VIP program to it you can then create multi use invites that allow the guest to book each event in the collection.

How do multi use invites work?

A multi use invites allow a guest to book each event in a collection once. IF you add or remove events from the collection the number of uses of the invites will chenge to match.

Advance - over-riding the multi use auto update

If you want to create an invite that has only a set amount of uses that doesn't match the number of events in a collection you must either:
- Click on an invite and edit the uses. This will then fix that number of uses no matter if you add or remove events from a collection.
- Use the API to generate invites with a set amount of uses
- Upload a csv of invites with the additional column "Uses" and the number of uses you want each invite link to be set at.

View this blog post to find out more.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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