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Adding meta data to invites

What is meta data?

Meta data helps add further descriptions and data to describe other data. with ARTSVP we allow our clients to add and download the meta data relating to bookings and invites.

Why add meta data to invites?

Meta data is passed from invites to any subsequent bookings made using those invite links. It can be a helpful way to track the source of bookings, information about why the invite was created or id data to help sync data to other external services.

One helpful use of meta data is pairing bookings up with external data bases for clients that use the ARTSVP API. This can be used to mark all bookings created by a certain user.

If you like to find out more about the API and how to get set up with it please contact [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#790a0c0909160b0d39180b0d0a0f09571a1614)

How can I add meta data to invites?

There are 2 ways to add meta data to invites. You can either do this manually or by using the API.

To enter the meta data manually when creating an invite simply click advance and then add key-value pairs of data.

If you like to find out how to use the API for adding meta to bookings please [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#3a494f4a4a55484e7a5b484e494c4a14595557) who will provide documentation.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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