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CSV upload for invites

The CSV upload feature allows event organisers to generate personal invite links for all of their contacts in just a few clicks. The csv upload tool also allows event organisers to add details to the invites that are then transferred to any subsequent bookings.

Why should I use the CSV upload feature?

The main reason to use the CSV upload feature is to save time when generating a large amount of personalised invites. Personalised invites are locked to the name and email provided adding control to the event organiser. The links cannot be used to be booked by other people even if they are shared.

Once you have uploaded the CSV and the invites are generated you can download the invites and do a mail merge to send personal invite links to each of your contacts.

Click here to watch a video on how to upload personalised invites to mailchimp contacts.

What is a CSV (.csv) file?

CSV stands for comma separated values. It is a plain text file that contains a list of data. You can export excel or google sheets files into .csv format to make it easy for other applications to read the data.

What format should the CSV file be in?

We have created a template that you can download here.

You can add in additional columns that will be saved as metadata. This is useful if you want to pass data like crm_id that you can then link back up with your records when you download the bookings after an event.

What data is needed in the CSV file?

We will generate invites based on the data provided. Depending on the invited you want to generate you will need to provide different data. You can provide a mixture of data in the same file (eg. some multi use invites and some single personalised invites).

Personalised invites:

Label (so you can easily find the invite and track bookings originating from this)



Multi Use invite:

Label (so you can easily find the invite and track bookings originating from this)

Uses (an integer between 1 - 10,000). If left blank it will generate a single use invite. If you set the uses to 0 it will allow infinite bookings from that invite.

Optional data:

Golden (True/False)

Waitlist (True/False)

Metadata (this will be generated from all the additional columns in the CSV file and added to the invite and all subsequent bookings).

What metadata should I add and why?

There is no requirement to add metadata but it can be helpful if you'd like to have access to additional data on ARTSVP.

Any metadata will be transferred to subsequent bookings and can be easily accessed from the guest-list.

Examples of meta data:

Dietary requirements


Job title

Membership level

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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