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What are exhibitor portals

Why we have built exhibitor portals for fairs using ARTSVP

The Problem: Fairs need a way to invite the guests of their exhibitors, but protecting the guests data can prove complex.
Exhibitors do not feel comfortable passing the contact details of their clients to the fair
Guests can be confused why they are being invited to a fair unless they know the source of the invite (eg the exhibitor)

The Solution: Exhibitor portals make it easy for fairs to allow exhibitors to invite their own guests and view when their guests have booked.
Guests receive the invites from the exhibitor they have a pre-existing relationship with. This increases response rates.
Guests decide what details (email address) to book with and can opt into the fairs VIP program themselves

How do exhibitor portals work

Fairs can configure the exhibitor portals to allow exhibitors to generate an allocated amount of invites directly to their guests. When a booking is made with an invite generated by the exhibitor it will be tagged with the exhibitors details so tracking the source of these bookings is easy. When a booking is made from an invite generated by an exhibitor both the individual exhibitor and the fair can view this booking.

How much do exhibitor portals cost

Exhibitor portals cost $65 per portal per fair (each portal remains active for 3months).

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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