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Sending Invites

Viewing invites

Fairs configure the portals to allow exhibitors an allocation of invites that can be generated and distributed. There may be multiple types of invites allocated to each exhibitor. Once an invite has been generated and distributed it will show on the invites tab. Once the invite has been used, it will no longer show in your invites tab - you can view the associated bookings within the bookings tab.

Sending Invites

Alongside the ability for you to generate invites and send them yourself either by copying the link or clicking the "Open Email App" buttons you can now click "Send Through ARTSVP".

Select the invites you wish to send by using the multi-select checkbox column on the left hand side of the invites view. You can also select all with the checkbox at the top. Once you have selected your invites, click on Actions-> Send Invites. A popup modal will display allowing you to customise the text within the email. The link to the invite is automatically added to the email.

N.B You can only send invites that have an allocated email.

Sending Invite Reminders

Each Invite is restricted to 5 Email sends via ARTSVP. You can use the first allocation to send our your initial invite and the remaining 4 to send reminders. Send reminders the same way you would send your initial invite using the instructions above. You may wish to customise the email text each time for a more personalised approach.

What does the guest have to do

When a guest received the invite link they will be able to book to attend the fair. Depending on the configuration of the specific invite they may also be able to indicate if they are bringing a +1.

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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