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Recurring Events - Performances, Screenings & more

If you happen to organise recurring events, such as performances, film screenings, art tours, workshops and many more, and they are occurring multiple times during a certain period, you can manage them on ARTSVP in different ways.

N.B. For the following alternative options you will have to select Multi-slot events rather than Single-slot events in the availability section.

Recurring at the same date/time during the week

Let's say your venue will host a performance that is going to take place each Thursday for two months at 7pm. Using the multi-time lot option, you can set up Thursday as the only available date during the week and set up 19:00 to 21:00 as opening hours. Remember to set the frequency as the length of the event, which is 2 hours, 120 minutes in this case.

Custom Dates

Alternatively, if your recurring events are not happening at the same day/time, you can manage them via the custom dates option, after deleting each week day as an available day.

Please note that these solutions above will allow you to have all your recurring events under a same booking link. If you prefer to create different booking links for each recurring event, you will have to generate separated booking pages.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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