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Uploading guestlists

Sometimes you may already have a list of people who have indicated they will attend an event. You may want to use ARTSVP just to provide a good check in experience or also use ARTSVP to send reminders, add notes to bookings and more.

Why would I upload bookings/guest-list?

There are many different reasons why you may want to upload a list of names directly to the bookings view on ARTSVP. These include:

When migrating from another ticketing system

When you have taken bookings by email and want to upload the list to check people in

When you are using multiple ticket sites and want to upload all sales into ARTSVP for check in.

Just want to use the ARTSVP check in feature

How can I upload a list to the bookings view?

You can upload a guest-list by clicking the + Booking button from the bookings view on an event. Then simply select the advance csv upload option (see gif below).

Then you simply select the csv file you want to upload.

What format should the csv file for upload be in?

Depending on whether you are uploading a list to a single slot event or an multi slot event you will have to format your csv file slightly differently.

Here are the templates to download:

Template for single slot booking upload csv file
Template for multi slot booking upload csv file

For single slot events the only required data required is a list of names.

For multi slot events the date and time of the bookings is also required for each booking that is uploaded.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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