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Single or multi slot events

Single slot

As the name suggests, a single slot event doesn't give the visitor options as to when they are booking. This is designed for events that are happening only at a specific time.

Popular uses include:
Guest lists for one off events
Online events (Live video performance, online workshops etc)
Artists talks
Gallery tours
Private Views (though with Covid guidelines in place a multi slot event may be better)
One off screenings

Multi slot (the preferred choice)

Multi slot events allow you to set a range of dates and times and then divide the opening times into a series of slots.

Multi slots are especially useful for general opening times where a visitor can see availability and book a time that suits them best.

How multi slots work

Multi slot booking pages are designed to be flexible. First you set up the date range in which you want the slots to appear. It's worth noting that you can have multi slot events just on a single day.

After setting the range of dates (or day) you want the slots to appear on you can then select the opening times for each day. If you want to exclude the same day of the week each week you can simple remove times for that day.

Once you have set the general opening times you can then specify how often you would like to accept bookings. This can be independent of the duration of bookings.

Custom dates

You may have a scenario where you have differing opening hours on a specific day. For example you may normally be open on Thursday until 6pm but occasionally you have a late opening.

By using custom dates you can override the standard opening times you have previously set.

Exclude dates

You may also have individual days you would like to exclude from a booking page. For example during a bank holiday you may be shut on a Friday or Monday when you are normally open.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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