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Mailing list settings

Allowing people to check a box to opt into your mailing list when they make a booking is a great way to grow your audience. On average 30% of bookings will opt into being added to your mailing list.

**How to ask people to join your mailing list when making bookings**

When you create a booking page you have the option to add a check box to the booking page where your visitors or clients can opt to be added to your mailing list.

Simple check the box on the event set up page or the edit page.

**How to customise the add to mailing list text**

By default the add to mailing list check box is generated based on your organisation name.

eg. Add me to {your_organisation_name}'s mailing list

If you want to change this you can do so from your organisations settings.

From your dashboard click on Settings-->Info and edit the add to mailing list text.

**View and download mailing list contacts**

You can keep track on who is opting in your mailing list, view details of subscribers and download their contact details to make sure they're added into your lists and will receive updates of future projects and events.

Simply click on "Mailing List" on the main menu.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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