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Collections and the 'All Bookings' view

Collections are designed to compile guest-lists and tickets from different events in a same view, helping your team to find guests in a quicker way.

To add a collection you'll need to be an Admin member (other permission levels won't allow this function). Simply click on 'Add Collection' on the green button on the top right of your dashboard, next to 'Add Event'.

Using collections not only lets you find a guest and an event very easily, but also helps keeping your ARTSVP dashboard clean and tidy and work in a more organised way. If your events are based in different cities, you could perhaps create collections according to their location. Another option could be to create collections in order to distinguish events that have guests invited by different departments (Partnerships, Press, VIP and so on).

Once you created the collections and assigned the corresponding events, you'll be able to view 'All Bookings', a complete list of those events' guests. Each of them will show the corresponding event on a note next to their names.

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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