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2. Identify your audiences for custom booking flows

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Art Fairs generally have several different invite flows for different audiences (eg VIP, Press). Different guests are allowed to attend at different times, some can bring +1’s and others may have multi entry passes. Additionally public ticketing may have early bird tickets, student discounts etc.

How to identify the different audiences

Before starting to create the events on ARTSVP it is important to identify the different audiences and the desired booking experience. We recommend writing down the following for each group:

When are they allowed to attend

Are they allowed to bring additional guests

Are they allowed to re-enter

Different availability of tickets/passes

How large is the audience that will be invited

How many do you expect to attend

What audiences have different flows

Each fair has it’s own set of requirements but generally there are 5 main audiences that may have slightly different booking flows. Some fairs may have many more flows. For example with large fairs the VIP list may be broken into several lists that can book different times with some allowed extra guests when booking.

VIPs (As you have these guests name and email the booking flow can be personalised to each guest)

Exhibitor’s guests (May have different messaging on booking flow to indicate the exhibitor who sent the invite)

Partners guests (Might have different messaging)

Press (generally not allowed +1s)

Public ticketing (With paid tickets and additional ticketing info)

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Updated on: 27/10/2022

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